We’ll be posting a page later today with all of the session topics suggested so far by people. However there is one aspect which we need to make clear. BarCamp is a non-commercial unconference and, as such, straight company or product pitches are not appropriate.

We don’t want to sound negative about this but it’s important. We all love our own companies and our own apps but speaking for 20 minutes about you isn’t really that interesting or educational. Sorry :-)

However, that’s not to say that you can’t speak around the challenges, experiences, lessons, failures, successes, technologies, money, tools and people involved in building your app/business. In fact, those talks will probably be the most interesting. All we ask is that you leave the sales spiel/logos/feature-lists/schwag at home and just ask yourself “what is the audience gaining from hearing me speak?”.

Oh, and in case you missed it above, we’re going for 20 minutes per standard session this time. Short, sharp and leave em wanting more. You can always do follow-up sessions later if they are warranted. The two exceptions to this are the “build an app in a day” session (details coming very soon) which may run the whole day and the hard-core technical tutorial sessions like “learning Django” “learning Sketchup” etc which can run to 40 minutes.