Original Logo from 2006

BarCamp Cork was first held in 2006 in Webworks in Cork City. It was Ireland’s first BarCamp and first Unconference. It was quickly followed by many others on the island, including Waterford, Dublin, Belfast and Galway. This first event was organised by Damien Mulley, Conor O’Neill and Walter Higgins.

BarCamp Cork II followed in 2008, again in Webworks.

BarCamp Cork III was held in 2009 in the Cork International Airport Hotel

And the final edition, BarCamp Cork IV, returned to Webworks in November 2010.

BarCamp was about people getting together, sharing ideas, learning from each other and finding like-minds.

Conor decided to resurrect the old archive in September 2021 after doing the same to the old Cork OpenCoffee site. With everything that has happened in recent years, he has been wondering if we could all benefit from a return of both BarCamp and OpenCoffee or their spiritual successors.

This archive covers all of the posts from BarCamp II, III and IV.

The first event was organised on the main global BarCamp site here and on a blog that was accidentally deleted. Luckily most of that blog content was scraped by the Wayback Machine and is available here now too.

A great set of photos from the first BarCamp are still on Flickr

There is also a set of posts Conor made about the event on the Argolon Blog:

This quote from Paul O’Mahony still resonates.

“BarCamp Cork is a great day. It’s packed with people who are developing new tools for improving the world. Think of the usual Conference - with its usual Process fixed in advance. Think of how regimented and un-surprising conferences often are… BarCamp Cork is different - it is an “Un-Conference” - alive with an air of chaos. There are so many things going on at the same time - you have a hard job deciding which event you can afford to miss. Loads of choice - short snappy sessions - lots of switched on people hanging round - keen to network. BarCamp Cork is fun while you dunk yourself in the cooking pot. This is where you catch up on the future - get a good view on what’s coming over the horizon - and new ways of using stuff you thought you knew. Treat yourself to a day that’ll sharpen you up on the latest trends…"