Bartosz Ptaszynski will be running a tutorial session on the Python Web Framework Django. It is aimed at anyone who wants to get a feel for what these frameworks are all about and how they can help you. One group in particular who might benefit are web designers who want some insight into the development process.

Django has effectively become the de facto Python Web framework over the past twelve months. It is the preferred one of Guido van Rossum and is at the heart of the first iteration of Google’s App Engine. We are transitioning LouderVoice over to it too. Bart really knows his stuff and this should be a very informative session. He’ll cover:

  • What is Django?
  • 1minute setup (quick run through Python and Django installation)
  • Brief description of MVC
  • Structure of a project (brief description of commands involved, and each file in the generated project folder)
  • Fast forward - creating your app ( -> (and -> templates )
  • How Django makes your life easier (admin UI, Generic Views, forms, templatetags/filters, django.contrib.*)
  • Hosting and deploying
  • Q&A and/or code review
  • Possibly creating a wiki/cms/blog in Django