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Cork, October 28th 2008

BarCamp Social and Technology conference returns to Cork on Nov 1st

The Barcamp conference is a free, open and informal conference where the attendees and the speakers are one and the same and, as a group, they choose the topics that interest them. Webworks in Cork was the birthplace of Irish Barcamp events and the conference returns there after touring Ireland for the past two years with events in Belfast, Dublin, Galway, Waterford and Kilkenny.

The BarCamp conference this year will see a mixture of talks and sessions. The talks cover everything from investment during tough times to copyright and intellectual property rights, sales techniques, workshops on programming, new management trends, careers in New Media and other sessions to be democratically decided on the day. Other sessions include a discussion on how to get one of the attending companies into the mainstream press using the media experience of people attending. Developers will also gather to build a web application for monitoring carbon footprints and have it running by the end of the day.

The ethos of all BarCamp events is that they are free, talks can be done by anyone and all talks are commercial-free and are not used as sales pitches. Organiser Conor O’Neill stated that BarCamp is a technology conference where the tech often takes a back seat whilst the applications for it in the wider community come to the fore. That can range from internet-enabling remote African villages to 3D modelling your town to promoting creativity in the workplace. Co-organiser Damien Mulley highlighted that BarCamp is an inclusive event and the inquisitive are encouraged to come along, see how it works and think about running their own unconference.

BarCamp Cork is free to attend but people must register at

Contact: Conor O’Neill, +353-87-9790297 | +353-76-6151841 |