After the feedback we’ve received on the “Build a Webapp in a Day” proposal along with some discussions last Friday, we’ve decided to re-position things slightly.

The idea now is that the webapp will be the tangible output from a very extended training session in the Django web framework given by Bartosz Ptaszynski. The plan therefore is now as follows:

  •  Bart will kick off an introduction to Django as the first tutorial of the day at 10am
  • Anyone who is interested and is generally competent in programming is very welcome to take part in the build
  • At least one designer is needed to make this look great
  • At 10.40 the spec for the app will be walked through and the screens discussed and agreed
  • Bart will provide the object model
  • Designer(s) then start the design process on the screens and the developers start on their tasks
  • Each developer is given responsibility for a specific screen or piece of functionality
  • Bart will then mentor, guide and help everyone through the process
  • NO-ONE is expected to work all day. Ideally people will work in bursts, attend sessions/talks that interest them and then complete whatever it is they are responsible for as the day progresses
  • Bart will manage the overall code integration with the help of others and co-ordinate the design integration
  • Deployment may be on an Amazon EC2 instance but this is subject to change. At the moment we need someone to own the development server and deployment server “problem” i.e. deciding what, where, how, setting it up and having it ready for 10am Saturday.
  • All going well, there will be a operational application deployed to its own domain by 5pm

All feedback welcome.

By taking this approach we hope that the proposal for a Webapp or Web Business brainstorming session as suggested by Ant Galvin will also go ahead.